PlayStation VR Sony Boasts With Impressive Sales Percentages

Back in October 2016, Samsung decided to capitalize on the fact that the VR industry is booming by launching its own VR headset. What makes this headset so special is the fact that it doesn’t require the owner to use a high end PC. Instead, Sony’s device is supported by the company’s PlayStation 4 gaming console. This makes PS4 the first VR ready console. When PSVR was first launched, everyone was skeptical about its success because it doesn’t offer the same graphic quality as PC headsets are able to do.

Sony PlayStation VR: Brings In Huge Profits

At first, not everyone believed in PSVR’s capabilities but they were soon proved wrong. The device managed to become one of the most popular VR headsets. As a result of its popularity Sony managed to sell over 915,000 units in just the first months since its release. Taking in consideration the fact that Sony’s target was to sell one million units in six months, we think it’s safe to say that PSVR is highly successful in terms of sales.

Although, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone since PSVR is really cheap. The device has been priced at $300 which is really cheap in comparison with Oculus Rift’s $699.99 price. Additionally, the device is compatible with a less than $300 PS4 system.

Sony PlayStation VR: Best Seller In Japan

Even though PSVR has been selling well in all the regions of the world, Sony’s home country is the place where PSVR are selling the best. In fact, Sony has reported that retailers are often running out of stock and are required to keep on reordering additional units.

We should also mention that Oculus Rift and HTC Vive which are PSVR competition aren’t able to brag with impressive sales percentages as Sony is. In fact, Oculus Rift has sold 243,000 units and HTC Vive 420,000. It looks like Sony is casting quite a big shadow on the VR industry.

Sony PlayStation VR: More Games Coming

Now that PSVR has such a huge user base, game developers are more likely to develop their games to be supported by it. In fact, Capcom recently launched Resident Evil: Biohazard VR. This game has been well received and it boosted both Sony and Capcom’s profits. Nonetheless, we be sure that other major game developers will launch VR games in the upcoming future.

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