PlayStation VR Press Event Next Month – Upcoming Headset Demos

PlayStation VR

In a few weeks, the first order of the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift will be sent to their buyers. Well, it seems that Sony is not giving up the fight, as it started to send press invitations for an upcoming special event that will highlight the PlayStation VR.

This special event will be held in San Francisco, on March 15, 2016 and it will kick off at 2PM PST. This event will take place during the Game Developers Conference 2016 where Sony will most likely come with a few hours of demos of the upcoming headset.

We remind you that last year, Sony used the same conference event to reveal some updates about its VR platform, which was known back then as “Project Morpheus”. The developers have already revealed a good amount of information about this upcoming device, but the only things that we don’t know yet are the final release date and the price.

Until now, Sony has said that the PlayStation VR will be released in the first half of 2016, but they’ve never specified an exact date when this will happen. When it comes to the price, we remind you that Andrew House, the president and Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, said in the past that the upcoming device will be priced as a “new gaming platform”.

The price will most likely be announced during this upcoming event, and since the Oculus Rift costs 599 dollars and the HTC Vive 799 dollars, we can imagine that Sony will decide to set the price of its upcoming device somewhere between these two sums.

With over 36 million VR-compatible PS4 consoles out there, the chances that this device will be sold well are really high. Since Sony owns both the headsets and the consoles, the company will make sure that the PlayStation VR will be compatible with any VR title that will be released for the PlayStation 4 console.

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