PlayBook 4S – What We Know So Far?

The whole gaming community is enthusiastic about Nintendo’s upcoming Switch release. The reason why everyone wants to get their hands on this console is because it’s a hybrid. This means that it can be either ported to a TV set or just used as a mobile console. Well, we need to let readers know that Switch isn’t the first one of its kind. In fact, a PS4 hybrid can be acquired right now.

Tech savvy modders have been pursuing this goal for a while now but one of them managed to actually do it. Ed Zarick is the one who managed to make Sony’s gaming console portable. Ed Zarick first tried to alter Microsoft’s Xbox One and make it portable and he succeeded. The modder didn’t settle and then decided to meddle with Sony’s console as well. This is how the PlayBook 4S was created.

The modder took a PS4 Slim and turned into a mobile system. The device keeps its original hardware but the way it’s arranged has been changed. The systems’ innards are now located in a clam shell design that’s fitted with a large 19 inch display. This device will come in quite handy for travels, especially for long airplane flights.

Worth mentioning is that the modder decided not to equip the device with a battery. This means that users will be required to plug the PlayBook 4S in a power outlet. There is a good reason behind his choice. Because this quite a powerful system, it would just drain the battery empty. Also, adding a battery to it would encumber it. Although there might not a battery, the device does have a HDMI port.

Ed Zarick announced that he will make these devices for anyone who can afford them. Because they are being made manually it takes a long time to make one. This is why they are quite expensive. Zarick charges $1,495 for a PlayBook 4S. There’s a cheaper alternative though. Customers that send their own systems will be charged only $1,195. Nonetheless, the high price is totally understandable when taking in consideration that he is the only who can do this.

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