Overwatch Devs Debunk More Popular in-game Couples

When some form of media involving multiple characters, be it video game or otherwise, has a very strong following, fan fiction theories are bound to appear. Overwatch is no different. The successful first person shooter from Blizzard has managed to garner a lot of attention, and one of the things that came with this fame is a large amount of fan debates over the possible romantic relationships between various characters from the game.

In a recent QnA, game developers from the Overwatch team have sat down and answered some fan questions about the game. One of them was regarding the possible romantic connection between Reinhardt and Anna, two of the game’s characters. The question was addressed in a different manner, as the fan was asking whether or not Reinhardt is Pharah’s dad. Pharah is Anna’s daughter, and this popular fan theory has grown from the various interactions that occur in-game between the two supposed parents.

That being said, the theory has been officially debunked, but the developer left room for interpretation. They specifically added hints that Pharah’s dad might still be in the game, only under a different name. This sent fans straight back to the drawing board.

This isn’t the only popular fan theory that has been put down by Blizzard, as many other characters such as Tracer or Mercy suffered the same fate. In the past, one of the most popular characters, Tracer, came out as gay. This immediately sparked some commotion and people started believing that she is romantically involved with Widomaker, another female character which is depicted in most trailers and Overwatch related media as Tracer’s enemy. This would have made for quite the romantic story, as they would have been on opposite sides, but shared the same feelings.

Cliché’s aside, there was also a theory that said Genji, a male character, and was somehow involved with Mercy, one of the healer characters in the game. Overwatch officials haven’t spilled the beans on any alternatives, only stating that while these theories weren’t correct, it doesn’t mean there isn’t someone else involved. It would seem that Overwatch fans still have some digging and clue finding to do, in their quest to uncover all love stories in Overwatch’s rich lore environment.

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