NVIDIA Quadro GP100 Comes with Newest Technological Advancements

NVIDIA has been making huge technological advancements with its GPUs lately. The hardware manufacturer recently launched the Quadro GP100. This hardware piece is quite similar to NVIDIA’s Tesla P100 GPU, which is actually the best NVIDIA has to offer. What makes Quadro GP100 so special is the fact that it gives Windows users access to NVLink.

The hardware manufacturer went a different route when designing Quadro GP100 than usual. This GPU hasn’t been designed for gaming purposes but rather for virtual reality content creation among other engineering purposes. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since the VR market has been booming as of late and all major tech companies are trying to capitalize on this.

Additionally, Quadro GP100 has been created on the Pascal architecture and it supports 5K 60Hz displays. In fact, this new GPU is actually the fastest Quadro. It has a 32-bit floating point of around 12 teraflops through the 3,584 CUDA cores. This puts the latest Quadro P6000 to shame because it only has 10 teraflops of hardware performance. Quadro GP100 is also able of delivering 64-bit floating performance of 5 teraflops but it only uses 1,792 cores.

In terms of support, the GPU is equipped with one DVI ports and four DisplayPort 1.4 ports. Even though customers are keen on acquiring this new NVIDIA GPU, the company has announced that it’s going to be launched during the SolidWorks World 2017 event. Worth mentioning is that it will be available for purchase worldwide and not only in the US.

NVIDIA’s GPU uses a PCI-Express 3.0 slot to connect to motherboards. The way it brings NVLink to Windows users is by using dual GPU configurations .The NVLink will be the main throughput mechanism. This way the communication between the PC and GPU will be significantly faster thus increasing its performance.

Worth mentioning is NVLink will not require any drivers and that it will be compatible only with GPUs. Also, NVIDIA has confirmed that almost all VR headset will be supported by its upcoming GPU. What’s interesting is that even though this GPU hasn’t been designed for gaming it will come with a “gamer developer” mode.

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