Nokia’s First MeeGo Device is Nokia N950

Apparently, Nokia’s first MeeGo has already been revealed by the company by CTO, Rich Green. He revealed it during Nokia’s Developer Day Keynote and he states it as the successor to the Nokia N900, and is calling it the Nokia N950.

Green mentioned that the N950 should be considered as a developer platform and not a mainstream smartphone for the consumers. No solid information of the device is yet available as Green did not get into the technicalities of the device, but imagine it to be something similar to the Nokia N900.

Apparently, Green did mention that the MeeGo powered Nokia N950 should be available later in 2011. Well, at least we know it is coming this year.

Nokia Developer Day Keynote:


5 thoughts on “Nokia’s First MeeGo Device is Nokia N950”

  1. Quite a fan of maemo & the community… I hope MeeGo only gets better and even lighter. N950 like N900 should be the multitasking GOD. My N900 never hung and is the best i’ve used. I started SmartPhones with Pocket Pc 2003, Nokia 7710,used a P910 from sonyerricson, many motorola phones, but nothing like the N900, Hope the N950 lives upto the expectations…

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