Nokia Employees Protest in Response to the New Microsoft Deal

Nokia employees from Finland sure are disappointed with the new Nokia and Microsoft partnership, and hence they are walking out of work and taking the day off. If you are not aware, Nokia has struck a deal with Microsoft and the company has moved to Windows Phone as their primary OS for all upcoming smartphone devices.

Now, there are a total of 2000 employees at their Oulu office, 1000 of which work on Symbian and 600 working on MeeGo. Then there is the Tampere office, where 3000 folks dedicate their working hours towards Symbian. These guys are sure unhappy about this deal as the company won’t require many guys working on software, since it will be majorly handled by Microsoft. Obviously, their hunt for new opportunities is on.

Nokia is still not done with Symbian as well as MeeGo, though the company has mentioned that Symbian will not be around for long, while MeeGo will be present for sometime, but won’t be the main platform for the company. It is unclear how many people will be laid off, but we will sure hear more in coming days.


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