Nintendo Switch to Change the Gaming Industry

During 2016, it was all about Xbox One and PS4, and which console manufacturer managed to get the edge on the other throughout the various stages of the year. As each came out with improved versions of the original designs and released special bundles and deals in the holiday season to further boost their sales, they monopolized the console gaming scene so that nothing else had room to grow or make itself noticed.

Things seem to be swinging in a different  direction in 2017. Even from the very start of the year, it looks like Nintendo and its brand new Switch console have something to say and that Sony and Microsoft will have no choice but to take a seat back and listen.

Nintendo’s Switch console is by far the boldest initiative made in console gaming for a long while now. The very concept behind the device is something that has attracted a lot of people. And upon seeing the teasers and trailer for the upcoming console, many have already made up their minds about it. In the trailer. But what is it about Nintendo Switch that has gotten everyone so hooked? It’s pretty funny how everyone is “hooked” on a console that is all about “detaching”, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

The main selling point

For those of you that having been paying attention and don’t know what the deal with Nintendo’s Switch is, we’ll give you the scoop right now. Nintendo Switch is a seemingly typical gaming console that possesses the ability of transforming into a portable console. Imagine yourself laid back on the couch, in front of the TV playing a game on your Switch. Suddenly, you get a call and you have to leave home, but you don’t want to leave your game just like that.

You can opt to detach the main console from the stationary hub,  and also detach the sides of the controller and attach them to this main console piece. The actual console, which houses all the components is a very slim device which also features a touch screen of around 6 inches. Now you can take your game with you and continue from EXACTLY where you left off on your TV. It’s going to be a long bus ride so why not spend it playing the game you left off at home.

That is what Switch is promising consumers, and also the key behind its anticipated popularity. Many would agree that it is a fresh approach to console gaming, and that it harnesses massive potential. It only remains to be seen how well is Nintendo able to capitalize on this potential.

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