Nexus 6p Malfunction Because of Android Nougat Update

Receiving the latest Android operating system updates is always great because they usually include new features. Google recently launched Android 7.0 Nougat to all of its handheld devices and this significantly improved their user experience. Sadly, the major update didn’t only bring new features but it also caused some of the devices to malfunction.

Reports have been showing that Nexus 6P devices have been starting to randomly shut down just after Android 7.0 Nougat was installed. It seems like the new operating system alters the device’s battery. The problem is quite widespread and Google’s Product Forum is filled with threads with users complaining of this issue. In fact, according to those threads there are already over 240 affected Nexus 6P devices.

Being desperate to find a solution for this annoying issue, some users have even gone to the lengths of flashing their operating system back to Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Unfortunately this didn’t solve the solution and the device kept randomly powering off. It looks like the only known solution for this issue is to replace the device’s battery with a brand new one. This is quite inconvenient because not everyone has the extra cash needed to acquire a new battery.

Interestingly enough, it looks like the majority of affected Nexus 6P owners live in colder climates. The Android community is speculating that the cold weather might actually be affecting the battery. This doesn’t seem to be plausible since the weather shouldn’t have any influence over the device’s electrical power.

We can expect that Google will release a OTA (over the air) software fix for this issue. Especially since it’s not just annoying, it can actually be dangerous. Smartphones have become quite an essential aspect of our everyday lives because of all the features they provide us with. For example, just imagine staying out in the cold and trying to call an Uber then your smartphone dies out. You will not even have the option to call somebody to pick you up. This is why Google really needs to hurry up and fix this issue ASAP. Worth mentioning is that Google’s developers have marked the above mentioned thread as active, meaning that a fix is definitely coming.

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