Nexus 5X with Pure Nexus Project Stable Custom ROM

The feature that makes Android devices so popular in the tech community is that they allow users to flash custom ROMs on them. This is quite a great feature to have since it doesn’t shackle users to Google’s Android operating system. The reason we are talking about custom ROMs today is because The Pure Nexus Project recently published a brand new Nexus 5X custom ROM on the XDA Forum.

The ROM has been built around Google’s Android 7.1 Nougat operating system and it offers the same features. Additionally, the ROM is based on AOSP and it is a final build. This means that it’s stable and its not filled with bugs, unlike Nightly ROMs. This is the best alternative Android power users who own a Nexus 5X device have over Google’s official operating system.

Regarding the Pure Nexus Project operating system features, as previously mentioned is filled with all of Nougat’s features. All of them work perfectly. Even better, it includes the highly popular Pixel sounds, Pixel themes and Pixel navbar animation. The best thing about it though is that it comes with Google Assistant. This is the company’s own virtual assistant and it is released as a Pixel exclusive.

The biggest feature brought by Android 7.0 Nougat is the new notifications panel. Needless to say this can be found in the ROM we are talking about as well. Nexus 5X users will be able to benefit from a cool new notification drawer. One of the coolest features included in the new notifications panel is that users will be allowed to answer to notifications straight from there by long pressing on them.

The Pure Nexus Project custom ROM can be found on the XDA Forum. The specific GApps package file can be downloaded from there as well. Nonetheless, we advise interested readers to first check out a guide on how to flash a custom ROM. Even though the process might not be that complicated it can get quite tricky at times. Worth mentioning is that flashing a device requires the user to delete all of the device’s data so doing a backup is always advised.

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