Nexus 5X Broken Phones Get Fixed With this Unconventional Method

Even though Google launched its latest Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones a couple of months ago, customers are still acquiring the company’s older devices. The best example of this happening is Nexus 5X. The reason why Nexus 5X is still appealing to customers despite its age is because it’s quite affordable and it brings some impressive specs with it.

Sadly, recent reports have been showing that LG has been having some problems manufacturing the device. It looks like a bunch of Nexus 5X devices managed to ship with a malfunctioning BGA chip. Worth mentioning is that only US residents are affected by this issue. On the bright side, LG started offering refunds for malfunctioning Nexus 5X devices.

While this seems like a good deal, Nexus 5X users should know that they can still keep their devices. Fortunately, the people at “hackaday” managed to find a method on how to fix this issue. Although, we need to mention that this solution is quite unconventional. As weird as this might sound, Nexus 5X users can stick their chip in the oven and this might fix it. This might sound familiar because this was the way people used to fix the dreaded Xbox Red Ring of Death error.

Nexus 5X users are first required to carefully open up their device. In fact, we advise users to pay close attention when they take out the chip. The reason why we’re saying this is because if this solution doesn’t work, Nexus 5X users can still refund their device if it’s in a good condition.

After taking the chip out, users need to cover it in aluminum foil. Then set the oven at 195 C/ 390 F degrees and stick it in. The chip must stay in the oven for around five minutes to completely overheat. All that’s left now is to install it back in and see if it works. In case it doesn’t work, the best advice we can give Nexus 5X users is to take their device back to LG. This way they will receive their money and get a chance to acquire a better device such as Nexus 6P.

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