Nexus 5 Is Still Surviving Despite Its Lack Of Software Updates

Even though Nexus 5 was launched back in 2013, the device is still being used to this day. The reason why the device’s age matters is because once a device reaches the two year milestone, Google officially stops supporting it. What’s interesting is that even though Nexus 5 will not be receiving any software updates any time soon, the device is still able to keep its popularity.

Nexus 5: Still Surviving

The best thing about Android powered devices is that they allow users to install custom ROMs. This is why Nexus 5 is able to survive after three years. Thanks to CyanogenMod, Nexus 5 owners can always get their hands on Google’s latest Android operating system updates. Sadly, CyanogenMod decided to end its activity and stopped producing custom ROMs. While everyone though this means that Nexus 5 is coming to an end, another custom ROM developer team stepped in.

Nexus 5: Lineage OS Is Keeping The Smartphone Alive

Lineage OS is the developer team that took CyanogenMod’s place in the custom ROM world. The whole tech community was doubtful of Lineage OS, but the developer team proved to everyone that they are the best replacement for CyanogenMod when it launched Lineage OS 14.1. This custom ROM is built around Android 7.1.1 Nougat and it supports a huge array of older Android devices, including Nexus 5.

While Google has officially excluded Nexus 5 from its support list, Lineage OS made sure that Nexus 5 owners can still get access to Google’s latest updates and features. Right now, all Nexus 5 owners are wondering if Lineage OS will keep on providing them with custom ROMs along the way. Even though Lineage OS 14.1 can be installed on Nexus 5 right now because the device is quite old, Lineage OS might decide to quit on developing specific Nexus 5 software.

Nonetheless, Nexus 5 owners should be happy that they can at least install the Android 7.1.1 Nougat based custom ROM and not worry about the future. Even though Lineage OS might decide to give up on Nexus 5, this will surely not happen any time soon since the device is still quite popular.

17 thoughts on “Nexus 5 Is Still Surviving Despite Its Lack Of Software Updates”

  1. I just love the size of the Nexus 5. Fits perfectly in my hand. If they can get that new giant Pixel phone the size of the Nexus 5 – then I’d make the switch.
    I also currently own the Nexus 5X but soon as I get home after work, I toss the 5X aside and reach for the Nexus 5.

  2. I’ve had my Nexus 5 for about three years and don’t plan to give it up anytime soon. It is perfect. As a few other people mentioned, I would rather put a couple bucks into replacing parts that buy a new phone.

  3. I put a brand new battery in my Nexus 5 and it made it like the first day I got it loved it and still use it but I’ve gone and bought the Pixel now so the 5 doesn’t get used much. I would definitely put a new battery in my 5 if you are thinking about it you love it again. I absolutely love my Pixel but damn Google the price was wallat munching. Best Moble phone I’ve used though.

  4. Is it really that surprising or article-worthy? I’m writing this on a Nexus 4 stuck on Android 5.0.1 and that’s “surviving” too. Is it supposed to be a shock that a phone can function for more than 2 years?

  5. Nexus 5 from day 1.
    Why being a slave of the consumption society and renew every X months when you have a device that does everything you need, does it well and still as smoothly as the day you bought it?
    Until there’s a really exciting new feature that comes up, no intention to change!

    1. Same here. Recently changed the battery, that’s it.

      Other Nexus were tempting but the N5 was still going strong. Pixel is just overpriced so I’m waiting for my N5 to physicaly break in half before changing it.

  6. N5 from release day.
    Had to replace charging port last year but it went well and the phone is still the best I’ve had.
    I can’t help thinking Google must look back and believe they made a huge tactical mistake with this phone because it was powerful and yet so reasonably priced at the time.
    Splurging for the phone and going onto a totally unlimited SIM-only deal for just £12/month worked out far cheaper than the contract I was on.
    The crazy prices of the phones that followed have shattered a huge amount of brand loyalty – I’d love a Pixel but the handset-only price is just ridiculous.

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