Moto X Smartphone Latest Leaks and Rumors

Recent reports are showing that a brand new Moto X smartphone has been FCC certified. The smartphone came under the “10566” model number in document. What’s interesting is that the FCC label showed that the actual model number is “XT1750”. This is what leads us to believe that this device might be an upcoming Moto X smartphone.

New Moto X: What We Know So far

As previously mentioned, the device is being referred to as “XT1750”. The “XT” at the beginning of the model number is showing us that this device is a Moto X. The reason why we are saying this is because all the previous Moto X smartphone have had the same “TX” at the beginning of their FCC build number. For example, the Moto X Pure Edition feature the “XT1575” model number while the Moto X Style featured “XT1572”.

New Moto X: Connectivity Features

Fortunately, the FCC label showed more than the smartphone’s build number. The listing contained “3G” and “8GB” as well. The 8GB surely refers to the amount of RAM. The main theory is that this is tied to the amount of internal storage space that’s going to be featured by the device and the fact that it will support 3G connections. Regarding supported connections, the upcoming Moto X will support HSPA, HSPA+, EDGE, GPRS, GSM, and WCDMA. There is one problem here, there is no mention of LTE connection and all Moto X devices support LTE.

New Moto X: Camera Modules

All devices that receive FCC certification will receive a label on their back. What’s interesting is that the FCC label diagram shows us a large circular shape. This is proving to us that it’s in fact a Moto device. The latest Moto Z lineup and the not yet launched Moto G5 and G5 Plus will feature large circular camera sensors on their back.

Worth mentioning is that the already existing Moto X smartphones don’t have this type of camera module on their back. This might mean that the not yet unidentified smartphone might be launched under the Moto Z branding. Nonetheless, we can be sure that Motorola will launch additional details during the upcoming future.

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