Microsoft Surface Pro vs. iPad Pro – Which One Is Better?

There are many tech companies in the world right now but there’s one name that stands out the most. Microsoft is the name. The US based tech giant is recognized throughout the world for creating the highly popular Windows 10. The reason why Microsoft stands out the most among its competition is because it’s the most active one of them. The company seems to have designed a device that fits every niche of the tech market.

The most popular device to be created by Microsoft is Surface Pro. This device is going against Apple’s iPad Pro on the market, and it’s safe to say that Surface Pro is winning. Reports are showing that many loyal Apple fans are actually more inclined to acquire Microsoft’s Surface Pro, rather than Apple’s iPad Pro. Today we’re going to over all the advantages Surface Pro has over iPad Pro and see if it’s better.


Interestingly enough, iPad Pro ships with a bigger 12.9 inch display. Microsoft equipped Surface Pro with a slightly smaller 12.3 inch display that has a resolution of 2732 x 2048 pixels. Even though iPad Pro is bigger, Surface Pro sells better. It seems like customers prefer smaller devices.

One great thing about acquiring a Surface Pro is that it comes bundled with a stylus and keyboard cover. On the other hand, Apple forces customers to pay extra amounts of cash to receive Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard Cover. Additionally, Microsoft’s keyboard cover is actually better than Apple’s keyboard. It even features a cool looking glass trackpad. Even better, Surface Pro is able to support a mouse via USB port.


This is the most important factor customers take in consideration when deciding if they should acquire a new device. There are three different variants of Surface Pro and they sell for $699 for the 129GB variant, $799 for the 128GB variant and $1,499 for the high-end 256GB Core i7 model.

Apple is infamous for always overpricing its devices and this can be clearly seen in iPad Pro’s case as well. Just like Surface Pro, there are different models of the device. The cheaper Wi-Fi only variants are priced at $799 for 32GB, $899 for 128GB and $999 for 256GB. The premium Wi-Fi and Cellular variants are priced around $1,000.

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