Microsoft Surface Book – Is It Worth Your Money?

Microsoft is one of the most active companies in the tech industry. Obviously everyone knows Microsoft as being the Windows parent, but the US tech giant is also involved in many other niches of the tech market. In fact, Microsoft managed to take the market by storm with its latest Surface Book. This device is an innovative laptop and quite a powerful one.

The key selling point of Surface Book is that it provides users with impressive hardware performances and a sleek look. The laptop seems to have been designed to fit all purposes. It can be used for work tasks and for gaming purposes as well. Additionally, the device has also been equipped with a Surface Pen.

Microsoft Surface Book: Hardware Performance

Microsoft decided to overhaul its latest Surface Book offering in terms of hardware power. This was to be expected since every other tech manufacturer has been trying to add more and more power to their laptops. With that being said, let’s take a look under Surface Book’s hood and see what we can find.

Right from the start we can see that the laptop is being powered by a 6th generation Intel i7 processor. Even better, Surface Book features a highly performing NVIDIA GTX 965M GPU and 2GB of VRAM. These hardware parts are more than competent of providing users with stable hardware performances even under heavy usages. Also, if that’s not enough Surface Book ships with the whopping amount of 16GB of RAM.

Microsoft Surface Book: Display and Features

The US tech giant didn’t shy away from installing a rather large 13.5 inch display on the device. This large display has one of the best contrast ratios out there. Similar sized displays pale in comparison with Surface Book’s display. As previously mentioned, the laptop is also equipped with a Surface Pen. This is one of the greatest features brought by this laptop. The Surface Pen has a huge array of functions and it can be glued to the side of the device through the use of magnets. Surface Book owners can access shortcuts, make notes or even sketch using it.

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