LG Watch Style and LG Watch Sport To Come With Android Wear 2.0

A couple of years ago a new category appeared in the tech market. We are talking about wearable gadgets. All major tech companies have started designing smartwatches but not all of them have been successful. The two companies that created the bestselling wearable gadgets are Apple and Google. The biggest difference between their wearable gadgets is that they use different operating systems. Regarding operating systems, Google just launched its latest Android Wear 2.0 update.

The Android parent was expected to come out with this major software for a while now. The reason behind this is that Apple has been dominating the smartwatch market and Google needed to step up its game. Additionally, Android Wear 2.0 was unveiled ten months ago during Google’s I/O event. This major software update has already arrived to a couple of high-end wearable gadgets, but Google has something big planned up ahead.

Google teamed up with LG and is getting ready to launch their first smartwatches together. These gadgets will ship directly with Android Wear 2.0 out of the box. Even though LG has designed these watches with Google, they don’t wear the famous Nexus brand. In fact, both watches have been branded as LG Watch Sport and LG Watch Style.

It looks like LG is following Samsung’s business model by launching two variants of its device. The LG Watch Sport that’s designed for outdoor activities. While on the other hand, LG Watch Style which features a smooth looking classic design. There are a couple of major differences between these devices. Right now we’re going to go over their specs and see what sets them apart.

LG Watch Sport

This is the most powerful Android smartwatch. The reason we are saying this is because it is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 2100 chipset. The process is also coupled with 4GB of RAM. Additionally, the gadgets features a 1.38 inch Circle POLED panel that has a pixel resolution of 480 x 480. The device is filled with connectivity features such as LTE, GPS and NFC support. It can be acquired for the hefty sum of $379.99.

LG Watch Style

Because these devices are wearables, their design is quite important. This watch features a sleek design that makes it a perfect accessory for events. Regarding hardware power, LG Watch Style is equipped with the same processor and amount of RAM like LG Watch Sport is. The main difference is that it’s smaller featuring a 1.20 inch display and not LTE support.

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