LG G6 To Come With IP86 Certifications

The whole world is enthusiastic about the upcoming Mobile World Congress event. The reason behind this is that all major tech companies are set on unveiling their new devices. LG is one of them as well. The South Korean tech manufacturer has announced that LG G6 will be showcased during MWC. While the whole world is speculating about LG G6’s specs, the company decided to launch a short teaser.

The LG G6 teaser showed us that the upcoming flagship smartphone will be more dust and water proof. This goes hand in hand with a rumor that surfaced a couple of days ago. The rumor was pointing out that LG wants to make its smartphone IP68 certified. Worth mentioning is that the teaser contained the following phrase “Resist More. Under Pressure.”. This surely means that LG managed to acquire IP68 certification for LG G6.

Regarding the device’s specs, rumor has it that it will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor. The chipset is also expected to be coupled with a rather large 3,200 mAh battery. Additionally, LG G6 will probably ship with 5.7 inch panel that’s going to feature a 2,880 x 1,440 pixel resolution.

LG has published another teaser for the smartphone but that one didn’t revolve around the device’s water and dust resistance. This teaser confirmed that LG wants to equip the device with an artificial intelligence personal assistant. This shouldn’t surprise anyone since all of LG’s competition already features virtual assistants. Apple has Siri, Google has its Assistant and Samsung is expected to introduce Bixby which will be the company’s new AI assistant.

As previously mentioned, the smartphone will be unveiled during the MWC event. In fact, LG went ahead and announced that February 26th is the official date. We should mention that LG will be going against a really tough competition at MWC. For example Samsung will be coming out with the highly anticipated Galaxy S8. It will be quite hard for LG G6 to keep the spotlight when Galaxy S8 comes out. Maybe this is why LG is not revealing all the device’s specs and still keeping some as a surprise.

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