LG G6 To Come With A New 6.0 User Interface

Mobile World Congress is just around the corner and the whole tech community is enthusiastic about this event. The reason why everyone is waiting for MWC to start it’s because that’s the place where all major tech companies will be unveiling their upcoming flagship smartphones. There are many big names which will be looking to take the spotlight during MWC, but one name stands out the most. LG is the one that’s going to amaze everyone during MWC with its upcoming LG G6.

LG G6: Innovating Marketing

The Chinese manufacturer announced that it will launch its next LG G6 flagship smartphone during MWC, on 28th February. The thing that all companies are avoiding when a launch date is getting close is leaked information. LG has found the best way to avoid this from happening. The company decided to take another route when it comes to marketing and decided to launch short teasers. This way, LG is avoiding leaks and marketing the device at the same time.

LG G6: New User Interface

Regarding LG G6 teasers, the company recently launched a short video that showcases the device’s innovative UX 6.0 user interface. The UI has been designed especially to fit the device’s huge 18:9 aspect ratio. UX 6.0 will also include an innovative Square Camera mode. This feature can be used to take photos and review them side by side at the same time.

The new UI will be filled with a bunch of new icons for different apps. For example: Contacts, Camera, Calendar and even Memos. The UI will also feature a sleek looking design that has rounded corners. Sadly, the teaser was just 13 seconds long and we can’t see that many details. We can expect that LG will unveil additional information when MWC comes around.

We think that the reason why LG is not releasing all the UI’s features is because it wants to steal the spotlight from Samsung. The South Korean tech giant will also launch its Galaxy S8 flagship during that event. Nonetheless, we can be sure that LG G6 is going to be an amazing smartphone that’s going to take the market by storm when it arrives.

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