iPhone 8 To Come Sooner Than Expected

Everybody knows that Apple has a long standing tradition of always launching its latest iPhone lineup in September. This has been going on for over nine years already. According to recent rumors, Apple might break this tradition by launching its highly anticipated iPhone 8 sooner than expected. Rumors are pointing out that Apple wants to start mass producing iPhone 8 as early as June.

These rumors are being fueled by the fact that Apple has started slowing down the iPhone 7, 7Plus and SE productions rates. This is hinting that Apple might want to make room for an upcoming device. While this isn’t confirming anything, it’s surely enough to give Apple fans hope that iPhone 8 is coming sooner than expected.

Worth mentioning is that Apple might actually be taking some risk precautions by starting the mass production of iPhone 8 earlier. What happened is that Apple didn’t have enough units of iPhone 7 Jet Black edition to accommodate the demand. The US tech giant lost a bunch of profits as a result of that. This might be the reason why the iPhone 8 assembly line will start in June. In fact, reports are showing that Apple has slated over 9 million units to be assembled in June.

On another note, iPhone 8 is expected to take the market by storm when it finally comes out. The internet is filled with rumors surrounding the upcoming phone, especially its design. Back in 2016, Apple decided to design iPhone 7 similar to the way iPhone 6S was designed. The company received some harsh criticism for that. With that being said, it’s easy to understand why Apple would want to completely redesign its iPhone lineup. Additionally, this year is the tenth year anniversary since Steve Jobs launched the first iPhone.

Regarding iPhone 8’s innovative design, rumors are hinting that the device will feature a full-glass body. The smartphone will also be fitted with a sleek looking curved OLED display that’s going to have 4K resolution. If this proves to be true, it will be the first time Apple uses an OLED display. Nonetheless, we can be sure that iPhone 8 will make waves in the smartphone industry.

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