Intel Will Continue Developing MeeGo, Nokia Not a Concern

I have real high hopes for MeeGo and I believe that it would have been the right platform for Nokia to get back into the picture. Windows Phone is not bad, but MeeGo just seemed better. Anyways this is a different story. Intel has announced that the company will continue the development of MeeGo operating system which was designed to be used in smartphones, tablets and other systems.

We all know the major strategic partnership between Nokia and Microsoft which the company has recently announced, and it surely made everyone wonder what would happen to the highly anticipated MeeGo platform. Although Nokia has mentioned that it would be a research platform which would help the company explore next-generation devices, user experiences and new platforms, Intel on the other hand will be hugely participating in the development of this mobile operating system despite Nokia’s decision about Windows Phone.

This is great news because the platform seems very interesting by what I have seen so far.


One thought on “Intel Will Continue Developing MeeGo, Nokia Not a Concern”

  1. yes. we believe MeeGo is a best platform which can give real competation to android market. we are little unhappy with nokia decision. but you are great intel . keepit up. Qt QML dev is also great experience.

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