How to Enable FaceTime on iPad [Mac Only]

A new application called iFacePad allows iPad users to use FaceTime on their devices. However, the current version of the iPad does not have a camera hence the person your talking to cannot see you, but you can see him/her.

Give it a try.

NOTE: This Tutorial is for Mac users.

  • Download iFacePad
  • Download iOS 4.2.1 for iPodTouch 4
  • Download PhoneDisk
  • Jailbreak your iPad ( in case you didn’t already )
  • Load Cydia and install OpenSSH and AFC2 ( greenpois0n adds AFC2 by default – greenpois0n tutorial )
  • Run PhoneDisk make sure to enable root and connect to root
  • Run
  • Reboot iPad
  • Enjoy 😀

NOTE: If FaceTime doesn’t work after reboot, make sure permissions are set correct on and in /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/IMcore.framework/ is set 755


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