Google Nexus 7 To Take On Apple iPad Pro 2

We are expecting that many new devices will be coming out all throughout 2017. Including the highly anticipated Google Nexus 7. The tech community was buzzing with rumors about Google’s upcoming tablet all throughout 2016. Sadly, Google decided that 2016 wasn’t the right time to launch Nexus 7. On the bright side, 2017 might be a different story.

Initially everyone was speculating that the reason why Google didn’t launch Nexus 7 was because it didn’t see eye to eye with Huawei. The Chinese manufacturer was supposedly going to manufacturer Nexus 7. The reason why Huawei didn’t agree to Google’s terms is because the Android parent wanted Nexus 7 to only wear the Google brand. Seeing that Huawei is still trying to make a name for itself on the market, not being able to put its brand on the device wasn’t an option.

Worth mentioning that there is a confusion regarding Google’s upcoming tablet brand name. Everyone is referring to it as Nexus 7 right now, but it might be actually be rebranded as Pixel 7. The reason behind this is that Google wants to get rid of the Nexus brand in favor of the newer Pixel one. In the end, this might not happen since the Nexus brand is well known throughout the world. Branding the device as Pixel 7 will require the Android parent to invest extra money in new marketing campaign.

Nonetheless, rumors are pointing out that Google wants to launch this new tablet in 2017. This way it will compete with Apple’s iPad Pro 2. According to rumors and speculations, Nexus 7 might actually be able to do just that. We are saying this because the tablet is expected to be equipped with only high end hardware parts.

Regarding hardware power, Nexus 7 is expected to ship with Qualcomm’s latest flagship Snapdragon 820 chipset. The processor will also be coupled with 4GB of RAM. While this is quite impressive, this isn’t Nexus 7 strongest point. The tablet is supposedly going to feature a brand new operating system. Google has been spotted testing out Andromeda OS. This operating system is the result of combining Android OS with Chromebook OS. The operating system is expected to be equipped with all of Android Nougat’s features and Chromebook’s functionalities.

One thought on “Google Nexus 7 To Take On Apple iPad Pro 2”

  1. Snapdragon 820?? Wtf throw an nvidia in it. Massive battery. Apple loses the cpu / GPU battle.

    An 820? I have that in my HTC 10 from last year?

    Poor choice if its true.

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