Google Nexus 7 Comes With Andromeda OS Update

The internet was filled with rumors about an upcoming Google Nexus 7 all throughout 2016. As everyone has seen, this didn’t happen. There are many speculations to why Google didn’t unveil Nexus 7 during 2016. The most reoccurring one is that Google didn’t agree to terms with Huawei, who was supposed to be the manufacturer behind the device.

Recent rumors are suggesting that Google actually halted Nexus 7’s production line because it wanted to take the market by storm in 2017. Speculations are pointing out that Google wants to take on Apple with its iPad Pro 2 and that’s why it delayed the device’s release. Today we’re going to over all the rumored Nexus 7 specs and see what is creating all this fuss.

Operating System

It is believed that Nexus 7 will be powered by a brand new operating system. According to rumors, Google has been testing out a new OS called Andromeda OS. This is the result of combining Android OS with Chromebook OS. Tech experts are saying that this operating system will give tablet users the same execution abilities PC users have. Additionally, Andromeda OS is said to replace Android OS in the future.

Because this operating system is based around Android OS, we can expect it to bring the same features. This means that Nexus 7 will support Daydream VR and Google Assistant. These features will definitely increase the device’s sales percentages since only Pixel and Pixel XL are equipped with Google Assistant right now.

Hardware Performance

While Google has yet to confirm anything, tech experts believe that Nexus 7 will be powered by Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 820 chipset. The processor will also be coupled with 4GB of RAM. This hardware parts are quite impressive, and we can be sure that users will be provided with stable hardware performances even under heavy usage.

Brand Name

While everyone is referring to the device as Nexus 7 right now, it might be unveiled under another name. It’s a known fact that Google is trying to kill off the Nexus brand. This is the reason why Nexus 7 might actually be rebranded as Pixel 7.  Nonetheless, all we can do right now is wait for Google to come out with additional information.

3 thoughts on “Google Nexus 7 Comes With Andromeda OS Update”

  1. No Phone… No sale! If I somehow needed a powerful WiFi ONLY jobie I would either get a Chromebook, or a full phat Lappie for that task. As it is I’m getting by with an 8.4 Samsung Slate.
    Granted the Hardware is good, but their support leaves a lot to be desired. But I can use it for this task, and if needs be, which isn’t all that often to be frank. I can actually call someone if needs be.

    1. Don’t get your shorts in a bunch. If this is indeed a true successor to the past 2 Nexus7 it will have an option with a SIM slot.

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