Google Nexus 7 to be the Next Big Thing

Last year marks the date when Google decided to venture in the smartphone world by itself with the Pixel lineup. Even though everyone was happy with Google’s smartphone offering, the tech community was expecting something else to be launched alongside Pixel and Pixel XL. We are talking about the highly anticipated Google Nexus 7.

Google’s not yet released tablet is surrounded by rumors. The whole tech community believed that it was going to be launched during 2016. Sadly, this didn’t happen. Many are speculating on what was the reason that made Google to not launch the tablet. The most reoccurring speculation is that Google didn’t see eye to eye with Huawei, which is the company that should have been the tablet’s manufacturer. Nonetheless, the tablet is now expected to drop this year and it’s definitely going to give Apple’s iPad Pro some good competition. Now let’s take a look at everything we know about the tablet and see what all the fuss is about.

Operating System

This is the reason why everyone is enthusiastic about Google’s upcoming tablet. Tech experts believe that Google wants to equip the tablet with Andromeda OS. This operating system is the result of combining Android and Chromebook. While we can’t know for sure what features it’s going to bring, it is highly believed that it will give tablet users the same execution capabilities PC users have. Additionally, Andromeda OS might be the one to replace Android in the upcoming future.


Regarding the tablet’s name, everyone knows it as Nexus 7 right now but that might change. Because Google is focusing more and more on its Pixel brand, the tablet might be branded as Pixel 7. While this shouldn’t affect anyone, it’s definitely raising some confusion among fans.

Virtual Reality

In terms of features, we can expect Nexus 7 to have virtual reality capabilities. Because Android 7.0 Nougat brings Daydream VR support, Nexus 7 will surely support it as well. Worth mentioning is that the VR market is booming right now and Google certainly wants to capitalize on that. This feature will not only raise the tablet’s popularity but it will also give it an advantage over its competition.

2 thoughts on “Google Nexus 7 to be the Next Big Thing”

  1. Lots of people liked the original Nexus 7 made by Asus. I guess it was good if you could overlook the ugly wide bezels which Asus seems, even today, to like to use on their tablets and phones. I never bought an Nexus 7 because of the ugly bezels and won’t buy the new one if it is in the same price range as the Samsung Galaxy Tab S series. Happy with a low cost Chinese tablet any day.

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