Google Nexus 6P Latest Security Patch with Fixes and Security Features

Recently, Google has published the monthly Android security patch for the Nexus and Pixel smartphones. The February update is also available for the Nexus 6P users, who should receive soon the OTA patch, if they haven’t already. The latest security patch for Pixel and Nexus was also included in the most recent security bulletin the tech giant released.

Android Headlines reported that the February 2017 update has a size of 40 MB and it received the build number N4F26O. It is meant to fix several issues with the security, and it is divided into two subsets, one for 2017-02-01 and the other for 2017-02-05.

As such, two security patch levels address a number of 36 issues, which allows more flexibility on all the devices where there were these problems found. NDTV approached the topic of vulnerabilities found on the devices, including the one regarding a remote code execution for Surfaceflinger, one for Mediaserver and Qualcomm crypto driver. Moreover, there is an elevation of privilege vulnerability for the kernel file system, the kernel networking subsystem, the Nvidia GPU driver, the Broadcom Wi-Fi driver, together with the Qualcomm components.

Besides the previously mentioned update, there is another one with the build number NOF25V, which will be rolled out to Pixel and Pixel XL. Also, Nexus 5X will also receive the update N4F26O, while the Nexus 6 will have the NMF26X build. Moreover, Nexus 9 and Nexus Player are going to receive the builds N4F26Q and NMF26X.

So far it seems that Google is keen on solving any security issues that appeared on their phones. Fans can only say that they are happy, since in this way lots of their problems got eliminated. Many declared that they are satisfied with the way in which Google is constantly trying to keep their customers satisfied by improving the possible issues that appear.

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