Google Nexus 6 Design Might Return for Galaxy S8 Challenger

Google has left its print on everything that it touched so far, including the mobile device industry in which it recently joined as a manufacturer, and just as a software provider. Currently, the company is boasting with its in-house devices, the Google Pixel and Pixel XL handsets. Before these devices however, there were the Nexus phones.

One of the most appreciated Nexus phones was Nexus 6. Given the standards of today, Nexus 6 doesn’t stand out that much in terms of screen size, but back when it was released, its 6 inch display was a bit larger than what was usually accepted as the norm. Despite all that, the device performance great, and was highly acclaimed for the ease of usage it provided. Without even needing a stylus pen, Nexus 6 had great maneuverability.

For the longest time, people thought that this bold move from Google was always going to be one of a kind. It offered a unique design because it had to fit a display larger than what most competitors offer, but fit it in a reasonable phone frame. Recent news however points towards a possible return of the Nexus 6 design and mind frame. Although there is nothing officially confirmed or even thoroughly speculated at this point, there’s a chance for Google to actually re-approach the Nexus 6 image.

The reason for which this is a possibility is the fact that the Android creator has required feedback from its community, wishing to know their design preferences from across the various smartphones bearing the Google branding. If the Nexus 6 design comes out on top, we might see a similar approach coming to the currently announced device that would serve as a direct competitor for the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy S8. That device is slated to drop featuring a 6.2 inch screen, so Google is way in the clear to go wild with the display measurements this time.

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