Google Is Set On Launching Three Models Of Pixel 2

The last year marks the first time that Google decided to venture into the smartphone world on its own. The US tech giant usually teamed up with other tech manufacturers and created devices which were then branded under the Nexus lineup. Well, last year Google took matters in its own hands and launched the Pixel lineup. Even though these devices come for quite a high price, they are considered as being very successful in terms of sales percentages.

The only downside about the fact that Google launched its Pixel lineup is that the Nexus brand was left behind. It’s a known fact that Google is trying to slowly kill off the Nexus brand in order to make room for the newer Pixel devices. Seeing how successful Pixel and Pixel XL have been, everyone is expecting Google to take the market by storm once again with Pixel 2.

Taking in consideration the fact that the Pixel lineup is renowned for being equipped with only the best hardware parts available, we can expect that Google is going to do the same with Pixel 2. The whole Android community was riled up when the first rumor about a new Pixel 2 surfaced. Additionally, rumor has it that Google is not going to follow its tradition of launching two Pixel variants and launch three of them. Regarding the third Pixel 2 model, everyone is speculating that it will be designed to appeal towards lower-ranged budgets.

As previously mentioned, Pixel devices are quite expensive and not everyone is able to afford them. The ones that have it the worse are foreigners. What happens is that the price gets inflated according to their local currency. In fact, Pixel XL’s price goes up to $1000 in some regions of Asia. With that being said, it’s easy to understand why Google would want to launch a more affordable Pixel smartphone.

Having three models of Pixel 2 will allow Google to capitalize on more than one market. Even though Pixel and Pixel XL have sold in millions of units, we can be sure that Pixel 2 will generate even higher amounts of profits. Worth mentioning is that Pixel 2 is still a rumor and we need to wait for Google to officially confirm this information.

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