Google Blue Pixel and Pixel XL can now be Pre-Ordered

Last year marked the date when Google decided to finally venture in the smartphone industry on its own. The Android parent is known for always teaming up with other hardware manufacturers and launching Nexus devices together. Well, this isn’t the case with Pixel and Pixel XL. These smartphones are quite special being the first “pure” Android smartphones.

One interesting fact about Pixel and Pixel XL is that Google decided to mock other companies when it came to naming their models. This is why Pixel and Pixel XL can be acquired in the Quite Black and Really Silver colors. This is definitely hinting at other companies that name their smartphone models with outrageous names such as Space Gray or Rose Gold.

Pixel and Pixel XL: Really Blue Has Been Made Available

The reason we’re talking about Google’s Pixel lineup and the colors they come is because a brand new color has been made available. Reports are showing that UK residents are now able to acquire a Pixel smartphone in the Really Blue color. The only network carrier that’s offering this variant is EE. Worth mentioning is customers can only pre-order the Really Blue smartphone. According to EE, the smartphone will arrive in the UK during the upcoming future.

Pixel and Pixel XL: Availability

Sadly, only the 32GB models are available in the Really Blue color. The premium 128GB variants are also listed on EE, but only the Really Silver and Really Black colors. The Really Blue 32GB variants cost $50.99 per month for the standard Pixel and $56.99 per month for the larger Pixel XL. What we can’t know for sure when will the new variants arrive. The UK network carrier announced that they will come during the upcoming future and we can’t know if this means one week or one month.

Nonetheless, we think it’s safe to say that EE is going to have its inbox filled with pre-orders. The reason behind this is that Google managed to design some of the best smartphones ever. In fact, Pixel XL is believed as being the all around best smartphone that was launched in 2016.

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