Google Assistant now Comes with Payment Support

We have great news for Pixel and Pixel XL smartphone owners. The Android parent has recently started out rolling out Payment support for Google Assistant. This is a really great feature to have since Pixel and Pixel XL owners will no longer be required to carry money with them everywhere they go. They can just pay by using their smartphone.

Google Pixel and Pixel XL: AI Assistant Receives Payment Support

Reports are showing that this feature has first arrived on 15th February to only a select few and now it’s making its way to all Pixel smartphones. This feature can be found in the Settings panel on the Google app. The Google app comes under the 6.13 beta version and it is being rolled out OTA (over the air).

Pixel owners will be provided with a short tutorial when they tap on the Payment option for the first time. The tutorial will present users with all the necessary information including information on what types of purchases they can perform.

Worth mentioning is that users will be required to agree to Google’s Payment ToS (Terms of Service). After agreeing with the terms, users will be allowed to set up their account and enter their personal credit card information and home address.

Google Pixel and Pixel XL: AI Assistant Payment Features

Once the initial setup is finished, Pixel owners will now be able to choose shared Android powered devices that will be able to access their private information. Knowing that not everyone is that keen on entering their credit card and address information in the app, Google is providing users with option to enable or disable the ability to make Payments via Google Assistant.

We can expect that all major third party apps will start supporting payments via Google’s Assistant. What’s interesting is that the Android parent has actually hinted that it’s working on a payment feature a while ago. Back in 2016 before Android 7.0 Nougat was released, Google was reportedly working on this feature. It looks like Google took its time and didn’t hurry developing it. We can be sure that this was the right decision since hurrying an important feature like this is never a wise choice. Some unwanted bugs might have slipped through the cracks and endangered user information.

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