Google Accidentally Resets Over 500,000 Gmail Accounts [UPDATED]

The unthinkable has happened. If you have a Gmail account, you might wanna go check it right now, because Google has just confirmed that as many as 500,000 Gmail users (or 0.29% of the total as per Google) have just had their accounts reset. Effectively, they have, as of now, lost a whole lotta emails, attachments, labels, folders and chat logs!

This reset, which was first reported by the Huffington Post, is apparently the result of some bug. Those affected by this unfortunate accident are now greeted with Gmail’s welcome messages, with their previous data missing. The latest update from the Google blog tells us that the Google engineers are currently working on the problem, and that the missing data should be restored asap.

Like I mentioned at the beginning of the post, this incident is truly unthinkable, for the simple reason that Google and its services are THE most reliable ones amongst all that is available. To see such kind of a horrible accident happen to Gmail, a mail service majority of the world uses, is worrying and foreboding. An accident of this nature makes it clear that even cloud computing may not keep our data reliably safe and sound. I can personally confirm that I have not been affected  by this reset. What about you?

UPDATE: Google has firstly verified that the number of users actually affected was closer to 38,000, and has also restored account access of one third of those affected. The remaining two third of the affected can expect access “within 12 hours”, as per Google. Regarding the lost data however, Google reps have remained tightlipped but promised that their engineers are “working to get it restored asap.”

6 thoughts on “Google Accidentally Resets Over 500,000 Gmail Accounts [UPDATED]”

  1. This happened to me. Woke up yesterday with access to my acct, but all 18,000 e-mails ffrom my inbox gone, and no folders. Contacts were still intact. Now, I do not even have access to my account. I am waiting on them to fix this- it is devastating to me.

    1. Arwenjackson,
      As you will read in the update, one third of those affected have regained access to their accounts. the remaining two third will have access within the next 12 hours. So check your account every now and then. As for the lost emails, you will just have to hope for the best.

  2. Years of my emails have disappeared . All customized setting, signature and folders gone also. Contacts OK. Now what?

    1. Kramernet,
      We are sorry to hear of your loss. Like I mentioned in the post, the engineers are working their way through the mess. Be patient and have faith. Thats all you can do right now.

    2. Kramernet,
      We are sorry to hear about your loss. It surely must be a difficult proposition for you right now. Like I mentioned in the post, the engineers at Google are working on it. So be patient and have faith. Thats all you can do right now.

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