Good News Windows Phone 7 Users! Rovio’s Angry Birds Is Coming

Honestly, do I even need to tell you what Angry Birds is? If I do, then I have something to tell you, “Come out of Dinosaur Age!” Well, the game launched back in December 2009 has created an epic fan following, and the guys at Rovio have finally disclosed that the game would be making its way to Windows Phone 7.

Moreover, the guys have also announced that the 3D version of the game is in the pipeline, so we are definitely are super excited. Now, official confirmation follows this announcement, so both the Windows Phone 7 version and the 3D version are still to get a release date.

I am not very excited about the WP7 version, but the 3D one does sound very interesting. Anyways, I really want to taste an Angry Birds cake so if you are baking one please invite me over!

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