Gmail Latest Features Available with Gmailify


The big search engine company has decided to bring a new feature called “Gmailify”, which allows you to use Gmail features on other email addresses. We remind you that several years have passed since you were able to use Gmail with custom domains, which allowed you to send and receive emails from other providers via Google’s website. However, Gmailify brings some powerful features, such as spam protection and many others to those who use Yahoo, Outlook or Hotmail addresses.

Gmailify will also give access to Gmail’s automatic inbox sorting system, which will be able to categorize emails based on updates, promotions and social media into separate inbox folders. With other words, it will leave your mail inbox simple and clear. In addition, you will also have access to Google Now cards! For now, this feature is available on Android and on the web, but other operating systems such as iOS and Windows Mobile will follow in the near future.

In order to use Gmailify, you will have to log into your non-Gmail account via or Gmail mobile application and go to the settings panel and hit the “Link Accounts” option.

In addition, you will also get faster search capabilities and you will be able to “unlink” the accounts at any time you want. If this will be the first time you’ll use Google’s client with a non-Gmail account, you will have to create a new Gmail address to link to.

At the same time, Microsoft has released its revamped Outlook portal, which integrated with the features and fresh look of the Office 365 suite. Back in December 2015, Yahoo announced that it will let you to manage your Gmail accounts via Yahoo Mail. Currently, Gmail seems to win the battle, as there are over 1 billion monthly active users.

Are you checking your Yahoo, Outlook or Hotmail email accounts via Gmail? What are your thoughts about the Gmailify feature?

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