Final Fantasy 7 Game To Be Delayed

Back in 2015 during the E3 gaming event Square Enix came out and unveiled a short trailer for Final Fantasy 7. This had fans all hyped up, but now seeing that 2017 is here and Square Enix has yet to release it fans have started losing hope. An official employee from Square Enix did an interview with Fajimtsu. What we can gather from that interview is that Final Fantasy 7 is still under works and it’s not coming out any time soon.

Worth mentioning is that the Square Enix official didn’t exactly confirm that this happening, he just hinted that. The gaming community really loves Final Fantasy 7. In fact, the internet was filled with rumors surrounding a new Final Fantasy 7 even before its trailer got released during E3 2015. Regarding the Final Fantasy franchise, all that we know is that Square Enix is actually working on remaking Final Fantasy 12.

The main speculation right now is that Square Enix is purposely delaying Final Fantasy 7’s launch date until the next generation gaming consoles come out. There is a good reason behind this. Square Enix always wants to use the latest graphics. As everybody knows by now, Xbox One and PS4 don’t offer that much in terms of graphics.

We think it’s safe to say that this isn’t a good marketing move from Square Enix. Fans are losing enthusiasm every day and this is certainly going to affect the company’s sales percentages. Additionally, fans of the franchise are afraid that Square Enix might do the same thing it did with Final Fantasy 15. What happened was that Square Enix took ten years to remake Final Fantasy 15.

One more important factor that’s affecting Final Fantasy 7’s release is that Square Enix is actually working on developing Final Fantasy 12 right now. The game has been slated to come out on July 2017. What’s surprising is that Final Fantasy 7 is the most successful game in the franchise and everyone is surprised why Square Enix wouldn’t capitalize on that. Meanwhile, all that we can do is to occupy our time with Final Fantasy 15 and the upcoming Final Fantasy 12.

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