Dell Announces Sandy Bridge Powered XPS 17 and XPS 15 Laptops

Dell is all prepared to start shipping two new laptops in the XPS series, and both the devices will be powered by Intel’s new Sandy Bridge processors. Dell has also mentioned that they will begin shipping the products starting March 16.

The XPS 15 starts at $1049.99 and ships with a Core i7 2620M processor clocked at 2.7GHz. It also has a 500 GB of storage, 4 GB RAM and a GT525M 1 GB GPU. It boasts a 15.6-inch HD WLED TL display. It is has customization options which add in more features to the laptop, customize yours here.

The XPS 17 starts at $899.99 and has a Core i5 2410M processor which there is also an option to upgrade to Core i7 2630QM. It ships with a 500 GB hard drive and the XPS 17 also has an option to add a 3D display. Check this out here.


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