CyberPower Gaming Desktops Get Core i7 990X Extreme Power

Most of the companies have already upgraded their high-end gaming desktops offerings with Intel’s new generation Core i7 990X Extreme processors and now CyberPower has done the same.

This new processors from Intel which is clocked at 3.46GHz is currently the world’s fastest and will be available with CyberPower’s Fang EVO Black Mamba, Viper, Cobra and all other X58-chipset Gamer Xtreme systems. However, an overclocking option is provided by CyberPower. The Black Mamba packs great specifications, it is the most powerful of all and it will be priced at $4465.

Full Press Release:

CyberPower Loads New Intel Core i7-990X “King of Desktop Processors” into its Lineup of Extreme Gaming Systems

BALDWIN PARK, CA (February 14, 2011) – The new king of processors has arrived and CyberPower, Inc. is quick to honor it.  CyberPower ( today announced a new family of desktop gaming PCs based on Intel’s new six Core i7-990X Extreme Edition CPU.  The world’s fastest CPU will be incorporated into CyberPower’s top-of-the-line Fang EVO Black Mamba, Cobra, Viper, and all X58-chipset Gamer Xtreme systems.

The Core i7-990X is Intel’s fastest six-core CPU based on the 32nm manufacturing process. It is designed to tackle the most intensive workloads users can throw at it.  Clocked at 3.46GHz, with CyberPower Venom Boost overclocking available, you will be able to fly through everything you do on your PC – from playing intense 3D games to creating and editing digital video, music, and photos.

With the high performance platform capabilities of Intel X58 Express Chipset, along with faster, intelligent multi-core technology that applies processing power dynamically when its needed most, CyberPower systems based on the Intel Core i7-990X processor Extreme Edition deliver incredible performance with a rich feature set.

With CyberPower’s Black Mamba system powered by the new Intel CPU you will be wield the ultimate gaming weapon for greater performance in 3D gaming applications. You will also be able to experience smoother and more realistic gaming by distributing AI, physics, and rendering across six cores and 12 threads. Digital content creation achieves a new level for photo retouching and photo editing.

CyberPower users can unlock the full potential with Intel’s top-of-the-line desktop processor and experience total creative freedom that’s limited only by their imagination. Systems based on the new Intel Core i7 990X CPU will be incorporated into CyberPower’s high-end gaming rigs from the Gamer Xtreme FTW to its flagship Fang EVO Black Mamba with prices from near $1,000 to $4,465.

CyberPower Black Mamba

CPU                         Intel Core i7-990X XE @ 3.46 GHz
Motherboard             Intel X58 Chipset
Memory                    12 GB DDR3
Video Card                2x NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 (SLI)
HDD                          64 GB SSD, 2TB SATA 6.0 Gb/s
Operating System     Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit w/ Service Pack 1
Price                         $4,465.00

All CyberPower systems based on the Intel Core i7-990X Extreme Edition processor can be easily customized with a number of hard drive and/or SSD, optical drive, high performance memory, and other peripheral component options at the company website.

CyberPower loads every system with Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit with Service Pack 1 to enhance your gaming and multimedia experience and includes an industry-best 3-year limited warranty and free lifetime phone support.

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