BlackBerry Files a new Lawsuit Against Nokia

This year is going to be filled with amazing new smartphones. The whole world is anticipating the MWC event to start because that’s where most of them will be first unveiled. Regarding MWC, Nokia and BlackBerry have announced that they want to launch their upcoming devices during that event. The reason we are talking about them today is because the two companies are in a lawsuit over patented technology.

Nokia and BlackBerry Sue Each Other?

The whole tech world is buzzing with rumors and speculations about this latest news. What happened is that BlackBerry decided to sue Nokia. According to BlackBerry, Nokia has stolen some patented technology from it. What’s more interesting is that this news surfaced just days before BlackBerry Mercury and Nokia P1 will be launched. This news will definitely affect Nokia’s upcoming smartphone release.

What Has Nokia Infringed?

BlackBerry’s lawsuit states that Nokia has taken eleven of its patents without its approval. It looks like a bunch of Nokia devices are using patented technology and not only its smartphones. According to BlackBerry, Nokia’s Flexi Multiradio stations and Liquid Radio software are using technology that has been created by BlackBerry.

Nokia didn’t just forget about asking for BlackBerry’s approval but even offered its services to huge US networks carriers such as AT&T and T-mobile which is illegal. Nokia is certainly not allowed to use BlackBerry’s patented technology without its license. To put salt on the wound, Nokia used some information discovered by BlackBerry on some of its “new inventions”.

How Will This End?

We think it’s safe to say that it will end in BlackBerry’s favor. Taking in consideration the fact that BlackBerry has such a strong case, Nokia needs to agree to whatever BlackBerry is asking or pay the price. Fortunately, a BlackBerry official has stated that all that his company wants is to be compensated.

From what we can see, this lawsuit will not affect BlackBerry Mercury and Nokia P1’s launch dates. Both of them will be launched when they are supposed to. If Nokia decides to pay the losses it caused BlackBerry, the lawsuit will end peacefully.

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