Apple Working on a Cheaper iPhone to Compete with Android

A new report out on Bloomberg suggests that Apple has many concerns regarding the growing mobile operating system from Google and hence the company is working on new versions of the iPhone which will compete with the vast number of affordable green robots out in the market.

The report cites that anonymous sources have been briefed on such plans and while one sources has mentioned that the device would be cheaper and smaller than the other iPhones and he has seen the prototype. Moreover this phone is  also rumored to be a Dual Mode device which supports both GSM as well as CDMA networks.

It also mentions that the device would be priced somewhere around $200 unsubsidized and the carriers are simply a mystery. To be honest this is very hard to believe has no one would ever expect such a thing from Apple, but if they want to win the versus mode with Android, this can potentially be a final Hadouken.

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