Apple Might Be Working On a New Processor For MacBook Pro

Lately Apple has been receiving some harsh criticism from its fans. The reason why Apple fans are upset with the company is because Apple’s latest MacBook Pros shipped with a malfunctioning battery. In fact, these devices didn’t even receive the consumer reports recommendation because of their low rated battery. With that being said, it’s pretty clear why Apple is doing its best to fix this problem.

In order to improve MacBook Pro’s battery life, the US tech giant rolled out an OTA (over the air) software update that installed a third party app named coconutBattery. Gladly, this app significantly enhanced the device’s battery to another level. While this solved the problem, MacBook Pro fans were still left wondering why Apple didn’t pre-install this app on the device. Interestingly enough, rumors are pointing out that the upcoming MacBook Pros will have a special chip which helps preserve battery life.

The chip we are talking about is basically a small processor which will take care of small task such as installing updates and checking for new emails while the computer is shutdown. Right now Apple’s MacBook is able to do that, the difference being that it does it through its main processor. Having a dedicated processor will definitely enhance the device’s battery life expectancy.

Additionally, this isn’t the first time Apple has meddled with low power processors. The premium MacBook Pro uses a similar chip that has been designed to power the Touch Bar. MacBook Pros are powered by an Intel processor right now but that’s probably going to be changed with one of Apple’s own ARM chipsets.

What’s interesting is that Apple might not even recognize that it is installing this low power processor in the upcoming MacBook Pro. The reason behind this is that MacBooks have been using small chipsets like this for a couple of years already. Apple will probably just announce that it uses a new battery technology so that it can call it “innovative” and get customers interested. Nonetheless, all that we can do now is to wait for the upgraded model of MacBook Pro to come out and see if this rumor proves to be true.

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