Android Oreo To Replace Android Nougat

Google is known for taking a different route than other companies when it comes to naming its products. This is why Pixel smartphones come in the Really Blue, Very Silver and Quite Black color variants. The reason why we are talking about Google’s product naming today is because Google’s Android VP has teased the name of the upcoming Android operating system.

Android Oreo

It looks like Android Oreo is going to be the name of Nougat’s successor. All of Google’s Android operating systems have been named after delicious treats such as Android KitKat, Android Marshmallow and Android Lollipop. What’s interesting is that this is the second time that Google collaborates with a company that makes sweets.

Worth mentioning is that this name is not set in stone. The Android parent will probably make a poll where everyone can vote different names. This is what happened with Android Nougat. Nonetheless, we can be sure that Oreo is going to be everyone’s choice. Also, it seems like Google has broken its tradition of revealing the software’s name only when it ready to launch.

Android Oreo: Release Date

Google has yet to confirmed the official date, but we can expect Android Oreo to be unveiled during the company’s I/O 2017 event which takes place in the summer. Once it will be unveiled, a beta version of it will be made available for users which are enlisted in Google’s Android Beta Program.

Android Oreo: Features

Even though finding out the name of the upcoming operating system is great, what really matters is what’s it going to bring. Rumor has it that Google is working a on a different operating system than what we’re used to see. The new operating system is said to be able to connect Android OS with Chromebook OS. This will allow users to use a single platform on all of their devices. We can also be sure that Google’s going to equip Android Oreo with a bunch of innovative features, especially when taking in consideration the fact that all of Google’s Android updates come with at least one extra feature.

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