AMD Ryzen To Support Windows 7 Drivers

Lately, the tech market has been swarming with different CPU offerings from all major hardware manufacturers. Even though the competition on the tech market is fierce, there is a name that stands out the most. AMD is the hardware manufacturer that seems to have gotten down the recipe for success when it comes to chipsets. The tech company is actually getting ready to launch its highly anticipated AMD Ryzen lineup of CPUs during the upcoming months.

We have some great news for Windows 7 users. AMD Ryzen’s lineup will support Windows 7 specific drivers. This came quite as a surprise since Intel went a totally different route with its Kaby Lake lineup and made them exclusive to HEVC and 10-bit encoding. The reason why tech companies are steering away from Windows 7 is because Microsoft has officially stopped supporting it.

Even though Microsoft has been doing its best to get Windows 7 users to switch to its latest operating system, Windows 7 users have been loyal. Microsoft even went to the lengths of offering one year of free upgrades from Windows 7 and Windows 8 to Windows 10. There are many reasons why people don’t want to change their operating system. We can be sure that the most important one is because they aren’t that keen on major changes such as this. Worth mentioning is that Windows 10 is actually really good. In fact, it is substantially better than Windows 7.

Nonetheless, PC users that want to upgrade their PCs should be happy to hear that AMD Ryzen is coming their way. Additionally, rumors are pointing out that AMD is going to unveil three CPUs. The first one will have 8-cores, the second one 6-cores and a third one 4-cores. While we can’t know for sure how much money these processors will be cost, we can expect that they will take the market by storm.

In the end, we can be glad to hear that huge companies such as AMD are paying close attention to lower customer bases such as Windows 7 users. Overall, AMD is the only that’s going to profit from this move because Windows 7 users are not going to switch their operating system for a processor.

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