AMD Ryzen Price Leaked, Intel Is Going Down

The two biggest names in the hardware industry are AMD and Intel. These two hardware manufacturers have been racing each other for a while now. Right now Intel has the upper hand with its Core i7 lineup, but things are soon going to change. AMD is getting ready to launch its highly anticipated Ryzen CPU lineup. Fortunately, an online retailer managed to accidentally leak the prices of the upcoming Ryzen CPUs.

As previously mentioned, these devices are highly anticipated. The whole tech community is anxious to get a chance to acquire AMD’s new CPUs. Well, we have great news for tech savvy fans. These new processors are going to be priced quite cheap.

First off, the Ryzen 7 1700 appears to be priced at $317. This is quite surprising since this processor has 8 cores and 16 threads. What’s interesting is that Intel’s Core i7-6900K has the same structure and costs $1,049. We think it’s safe to say that AMD is going to take all of Intel’s customers with cheap prices like this.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that customers are more inclined to acquire a product that’s 70 percent cheaper than its competition. Additionally, AMD’s Ryzen 7 1700 has been actually clocked at the same speed Intel’s Core i7-6900K has been clocked. Seeing that customers can get the same amount of performance for such a cheaper price will definitely boost AMD’s sales percentages.

If this price listing proves to be true, we think it’s safe to say that Intel is out of the game. Intel will be forced to lower down its prices, or to come out with newer and better chipsets. Also, AMD’s Ryzen 5 will be going against Intel’s 7000 series. AMD’s chipset will win this round as well because once again it offers the same performance for a lower price.

There isn’t any additional information regarding AMD’s Ryzen lineup at the moment. Everyone is wondering if this price listing is true. Some tech experts are speculating that these Ryzen units might ship without certain features and that’s why they are priced so low. Nonetheless, all that we can do right now is wait for AMD to confirm this information.

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