BlackBerry’s new creative director tweets using iPhone

I was totally shocked when I heard that Alicia Keys is BlackBerry’s new creative director. But then it dawned on me that this is just a marketing gimmick, it has become kind of a trend now to sign up celebrities as spokesperson which enables to increase the sales.

Anyways during the BlackBerry 10 launch Alicia Keys told her story about how she gave up her love for  iPhone after using the BlackBerry Z10, but just a couple of days ago, Alicia Keys’ Twitter account posted a tweet from an iPhone, I guess she is not quite over her iPhone.

Now we are not quite sure whether this tweet was by Alicia herself or by her social media correspondent, but after the news of her tweeting from an iPhone spread around the blogosphere, she deleted that tweet which came from an iPhone and tweeted later that she had been hacked and she was not the one who tweeted earlier. Now she has to know that people over here are not really dumb, if people hacked her account I am pretty sure they will not be tweeting something normal for a celebrity. We have seen multiple hacks in the past.

This clearly looks like a set up of crying hacked when we all know that she has done a mistake. Anyways, Alicia if you are reading this, please keep your gimmicks to yourself, and if you have taken money to support a brand then please fulfill it, have some sympathy for BlackBerry, they are on the verge of closing down.

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