Tesla HW2 Update Is Coming with New Features

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has confirmed over Twitter that the highly anticipated HW2 update has started rolling out. Worth mentioning is that not all Tesla cars are eligible to receive this update. Only the vehicles which have been build since October 2016. Additionally, Elon Musk has also announced that Model X and Model S will receive the HW2 update.

This update has been in works for a couple of weeks now. The first version of HW2 was a non-actuated mode and it was launched back in January 16th. Now it looks like Tesla has gotten everything figured out because the full actuated mode is coming. In case you wondering what HW2 means, it is an acronym for Hardware 2.

HW2 is being rolled out OTA (over the air) and it’s considered as being the biggest update of 2017. The reason behind this is that it brings some major improvements to Tesla’s cars. First off, the update brings the highly anticipated second gen autopilot hardware. This update will give older models the same features the new ones have. Obviously, the older cars will still need to have their on-board cameras adjusted. Elon Musk even warned Tesla users that they need to adjust their camera pitch angle. This will be done by Tesla’s service department.

The new Tesla cars will receive an even better software update, but that one is still being developed. Additionally, Tesla stated that the newer model’s hardware is so advanced that it can control the car under any circumstanced. It looks like HW2 has been designed to prove just that.

The second gen autopilot hardware now comes with a speed-limited edition of Tesla’s autosteer feature. Worth pointing out is that this feature has been developed to be used on highways that have clear lane markings. The speed limit will now be set at 45 miles per hour. The way that the autosteer functions is by using the car’s TACC (traffic aware cruise control). Using the information provided by TACC, the car will automatically adjust its speed to the car in front. Another great feature to be included in HW2 is the forward collision warning. This system uses radar waves to check if there are any objects blocking the road.

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