Taking Matters Into Your Own Hands! Living the Moments With Our Favorite Superheroes

In the past few years, there has been a sudden surge of superhero movies. From “Ironman” to “The Silver Surfer,” they’ve all had their big-screen moments. For fans of these characters, this has been, in a word, awesome. However, if you’re looking for a superhero fix, but can’t wait until the newest movie comes out, there are a few ways to get the fix you’re craving.

Superhero Games

Games— whether download games, flash games or video games— are perhaps the most satisfying way to get the superhero experience while you wait for the new “Ironman” or “Man of Steel” movies.

Marvel.com has a huge selection of games, with characters from almost every comic. So, whether you’re a fan of Deadpool’s weird sense of humor or Captain America’s butt-kicking honor code, you’ll find a game to satisfy your craving.

Download games are perfect for superhero fans who want to be able to play anytime, anywhere. No need for internet connection, you can take Superman with you wherever you go.

If you’re looking for something slightly more intensive than a flash game, look no further than “Injustice: Gods Among Us”. The fighting game, which comes out in 2013, gives players the chance to pit their favorite superheroes against each other.

Injustice not only boasts a whole host of superheroes with a huge array of moves, skills and specialties, but highly interactive fighting arenas. Not only does the arena break down as the fight goes on, but many include extras like grenades, electrical wires to toss your opponent into and power generators you can pick up and throw.

If you’re like a lot of superhero fans, and grew up in the time of Sega Genesis and Nintendo 64, that old school cartoon game is still available, even if your Genesis broke a long time ago. There are many downloadable emulators online that will replicate the feel of the old-school gaming consoles. Telegraph.com lists the top 20 of the best old school games, many of which are available to play on your computer.

It’s Every Download Game in the World!

Perhaps you don’t need a specific superhero game to tide you over. Maybe it’s just the comic book feel. Sites like iWin.com offer gamers one of the largest selections of mini games and download games. From puzzle games to fighters to castle defense games, download and online games are a great way to get a casual taste of what you’re looking for in theaters.

Speaking of theaters, don’t miss the two big superhero releases coming soon. Both “Ironman 3” and “Man of Steel” come out in the summer of 2013, so fret not superhero fanatics. There’s only a few more months until the next in the so-far-incredible string of superhero flicks hits the big screen. Until then, happy gaming!

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