Square Enix Is Ready To Unveil Upcoming FFXV DLC

We have great news for fans of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XV, a new DLC is coming. The game’s director has announced that during this week’s live event he will talk about the upcoming DLC. This way fans will be able to get a taste of what’s to come. Additionally, Square Enix has also confirmed that there are going to be a bunch of free game updates for both Xbox One and PS4 platforms.

The new live event has been dubbed as “The New Year Special Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report” and it’s going to take place during the upcoming days. In fact, the live stream event has been scheduled to start on February 2nd. Taking in consideration that there’s a big time difference between North America and Japan, the event will in fact take place on February 3rd.

What’s even greater about this event is that Hajime Tabata and Akio Ofuji will be attending it. If you don’t know who Tabata and Ofuji are, they are Final Fantasy XV’s game director and marketing manager. These two will be the ones to talk about all the upcoming features which are going to be introduced in the highly anticipated FFXV DLC.

Worth mentioning is that Hajime Tabata has already started teasing the upcoming DLC. The game director also decided to come out and announce why Square Enix is working on launching these new updates. In Hajime Tabata’s own words “We will evolve our released game Final Fantasy X more and more, and together with it, we will also evolve”.

The reason why the whole gaming community is so enthusiastic about this DLC is because Square Enix is going to focus more on the single player features of the game. Square Enix went on and posted on its official website that this update might not be what everyone is expecting it to be. This raised a bunch of questions, and it’s safe to say that Squre Enix has managed to intrigue players. Nonetheless, February is just around the corner and we don’t have to wait that much until the DLC event starts off. Maybe we will finally get our hands on the time-limited mob hunts modes, or some new party characters.

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