Sony PS4 Major Update Comes in February

PlayStation players should be happy to hear that another major update is coming their way. This is great news since all that Sony’s been rolling out lately have been small updates which weighed only around 60Mb. During early February, PS4 players will be able to join Sony’s beta and get their hands on the highly anticipated 4.5 update.

The beta is actually open right now but registration will become available during the first days of February. Sony’s own Andrew Kelly stated that only PS4 players who are over 18 years old will be able to sign up. Also, before entering the beta program players will be required to agree with Sony’s terms and condition and only then they will be able to login with their PSN ID.

Regarding the 4.5 beta, Sony developers have been keeping their mouths shut and there isn’t that much information available. Taking in consideration all the secrecy Sony has been up to, we can see why it’s only going to allow a bunch of select PS4 players to join the beta.

While we can’t know for sure what features will the 4.5 update bring we do know that PS4 fans are hoping that the update will contain some PS4 Pro exclusive features. This might actually be the case since PS4 Pro has been recently launched and Sony needs to persuade customers into buying the gaming console instead of opting for the classic PlayStation 4.

As previously mentioned, three will only be a select number of PS4 players who get to enter into the 4.5 beta. The rest of the PS4 community will just have to wait a little bit longer until their time comes. Also, in case users who managed to enter the beta are faced with major issue, they can always opt out of it by downgrading their version back to 4.00. Nonetheless, we can expect that this update will also enhance the functionalities that Sony’s VR headset brings.

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