Samsung ChromeBook Pro vs Apple iPad Pro – The Hybrid War

Samsung fans have been highly anticipating the company to refresh the Chromebook Pro lineup with a new model and they finally got what they wanted. The South Korean based tech giant has unveiled its latest hybrid Chromebook model during the CES event and this had fans all riled up. Especially since the 2-in-1 device goes against Apple’s iPad Pro. Today we’re going to go over both device’s specs and features to see which one has an advantage over each other.


The new Samsung Chromebook Pro ships with a 12.3 inch display that has been made from Gorilla Glass 3 thus increasing its scratch and crack resistance. The display features a pixel resolution of 2400 x 1600 pixels and 234 ppi. On the other hand, Apple’s device comes with a slightly larger 12.9 inch Retina display that has a pixel resolution of 2732 x 2048 pixels and 234 ppi. Where iPad Pro wins in size, Samsung’s Chromebook Pro compensates with its higher pixels per inch ratio and intense color richness. It’s safe to say that the two hybrid devices are close equals in terms of display.

Hardware Performance

Apple installed its own dual-core 64-bit A9X processor which clocks at 2.26 GHz. In fact, this is the company’s most powerful device and its Apple’s pride and joy especially since it exceeds over 80 percent of portable PCs. Samsung also didn’t shy away from equipping Chromebook Pro with a powerful processor and installed the latest Intel Core m3-63Y30 processor that clocks at 2.20 GHz and which has been designed especially for 2-in-1 devices. Clearly both devices are powerhouses and surprisingly enough they come with similar performances.


If the specs department seemed to be similar until now, this is where everything changes. Samsung is known for always trying to make their devices rather affordable and this can be seen in Chromebook Pro’s $549 price. Apple is infamous for overpricing their products and with that being said, iPad Pro can be acquired for the more expensive price of $799.

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