Rumor: Microsoft Working on Official Kinect SDK and Drivers for Windows

Steve Ballmer has already made it official that the Kinect will be making its way to Windows PC’s but the date is still a big question. Now, there are rumors about a new XNA update called ‘Community Technical Preview’ and if this is true it will bring XNA support, drivers and the SDK.

We have already seen some brilliant hacks on the Kinect, these were mostly done by brilliant university students and if this rumor is true it means more professional game developers will be able to develop on the Kinect, while at the same time indie developers will get a great platform to show their skills.

This may come as a surprise, but back in November we had a small chat on a similar topic with Jaspreet Bindra, Regional Director, Entertainment and Devices for Microsoft India. During that time he did mention that independent development is a possibility for the Kinect however, Microsoft would be providing a particular framework. If this is true, we all know what to expect from the Kinect in the near future.


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