PS4 Continues to Rake in Sony Profits


PS4 Continues to Rake in Sony Profits

Sony’s PlayStation 4 has been a top console choice since the day it was released, as was the case with previous iterations of the franchise. While no one was doubting the console’s success upon release, we have now left its release a long way behind and sales are still looking pretty good. Particularly looking at the recent holiday season, Sony managed to sell 6.2 million PS4 units, which means profit was the word of the day. Since the initial console release, Sony managed to sell close to 53.5 million copies of the PlayStation 3 successor, all over the world.

The holiday season proved to be highly profitable for Sony and its affiliates. The total number of PS4 games purchased through both digital means and traditional retail exceed 50.4 million units. That is huge since we’re talking about a relatively small period of time. The fourth installment in the Uncharted series, produced by Naughty Dog, was one of the biggest cash cows for the PS4 ecosystem, with close to 9 million units being sold.

The latter part of 2016 has seen Sony’s PS 4 trying to catch up to Microsoft’s Xbox in terms of sales, but it’s important to keep in consideration the fact that Microsoft released the Xbox One S, which is an upgrade over the original Xbox One. Most definitely, the balance will shift once more in 2017 when Sony will come out with the PlayStation 4 Pro, which is the next step in the PS experience. The main highlight of the upcoming console is its ability to render 4K imagery as well as provide stable support for VR technology. PlayStation VR is another element of Sony’s 2017 plan for market share increase.

Until it all unfolds in the months to come, the only thing we know for sure is that Sony had a pretty successful December.

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