Project Scorpio Release Date, Price and Specs

The last year has been filled with many new tech devices but the ones which stood out the most are Microsoft and Sony’s new gaming consoles. Sony has been the most active one putting up two new editions of PS4 while Microsoft only launched Xbox One S. This raised a lot of concern among the Xbox One community, but Microsoft reassured them that a big upgrade to Xbox One is on its way. We’re talking about Xbox Project Scorpio which Microsoft has stated that its going to be the most powerful gaming console ever made.

Hardware Specs

Project Scorpio will come with many hardware performance enhancements but according to reports and statements made by Microsoft, the console will be centered on providing players with better graphics such as running games in native 4K resolution. This was to be expected since Sony launched its PS4 Pro and one of the device’s key selling points was that it is able of running games in 4K resolution.

Regarding hardware performances, Microsoft’s upcoming console is said to come with an impressive 8-core AMD processor that’s going to be way faster than what PS4 Pro uses. Additionally, the graphics processing unit has been confirmed to feature six teraflops of performance which is huge in comparison with PS4 Pro’s 4.2 teraflops.

Release Date and Price

Now on to more important matters, launch date and price. All of Microsoft’s consoles have been launched in November. We can expect Microsoft to unveil the device during the upcoming months and to make it available for pre-orders. In terms of price, Project Scorpio is certainly not going to be cheap. While Microsoft has yet to confirm a price, we can expect it to be priced around $399 which is the same price PS4 Pro comes at.

This is all the information that’s available right now but we can be sure that during the upcoming months Microsoft will start advertising Project Scorpio. In fact, if Microsoft keeps its tradition and launches Project Scorpio in November it has to start advertising it as soon as possible. Nonetheless, we can be sure that Sony will have a hard time facing against Microsoft’s Project Scorpio.

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